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Chuseok Travel Nightmares

I was hoping to get out of the country for Chuseok aka Korean Thanksgiving, but a lot of Koreans got the same idea first. Flight prices for those four days (Saturday-Tuesday) are astronomical. Check out this handy calendar price guide from Cathay Pacific Airways:

Note the prices for flights returning on Tuesday. The highlighted selection would have been satisfactory save the fact that my girlfriend has to work on Friday and the only flight available for that day leaves at 9AM. Perhaps with a bit more foresight prices would have been a bit more reasonable, but the fact that nowadays a lot of Koreans no longer have to go to the countryside paired with the fact that this is the longest holiday for most Koreans, makes it a difficult time to travel anywhere. There are enough Koreans moving in and out of the country at this time that travel is ill-advised. I’ll be staying put especially since my grand exit from the country is coming up in a few short weeks.

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