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Chinese Teen Earthquake Rant

The Chinese government gave Chinese citizens the opportunity to share their thoughts on the earthquake and send their condolences to the victims. This girl made some very controversial and rude remarks about the earthquake and its victims. Now the biggest video on Youtube this week is of this Chinese teen girl, Jun Ya (?!?!), ranting about how all the people in the Sichuan earthquake are pathetic and the media should just shut up and get over it.

Jun Ya is in jail now, supposedly for her own protection. She’d likely be lynched on sight if she bumped into one of the many infuriated viewers of this footage.

Knowing zero Chinese, I’ve tried to piece this together from sparse English comments and response videos, like the ones shown below.

She’s a bored teenager without a clue. Her life has been interrupted for something she feels no connection with. Her favorite TV show was probably preempted for the news. Overexposure to the constant outpour of media attention has left her jaded. She’s been forced into mourning even though she feels no sorrow. She feels those people deserved what they got and the world shouldn’t be rushing to help them.

Now a few million people have seen this video and a bunch of people want to kill her.

Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in China! Even if you truly feel nothing for the victims, you should at least either play it up to save face or keep your mouth shut. She just let it fly in a society where that’s not an option.

In my opinion, what they should do now is take her down to Sichuan and show her the reality of the situation. It’s not just pictures and video! There are real people down there struggling to survive. They’re not leeches. The life they knew is completely gone and the place will never be the same again.

Force her to volunteer to help the victims to redeem herself in the eyes of the Chinese who think she has embarrassed the country in the eyes of the world.


Gapmatt helped me understand what was going on here:

For further explanation (not sure how accurate), check out My Rice Girl‘s English interpretation (actually I recommend any of her videos, she’s amazing! off the wall!) She cracks up a bit, but that’s because some of what the girl says is preposterous:

Part 2:

I agree. As I said I wouldn’t speak so freely if I were in China. I wonder what the fallout from this will be? A lot of response videos are showing up from angry Chinese and the public demands action. Will we hear any more about it? Will they quietly off her? or exile her?


What would the backlash be if this same thing occurred in Korea?!?!?

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우유 좋아! White Love Songs

More Korean music videos! These songs are all about Milk! I know you’re excited! More exclamation points!!!!!!!!! 앗싸!

Korean elementary school girls, 7Princess, singing about how great milk is!

A cartoon version of the same song! 앗싸! 앗싸!

Another, different milk song sung by an older, but juvenile-sounding woman, Strawberry Princess, and paired with an unrelated cartoon starring “Bizarre Rabbit” Mashimoro. With English subtitles from the uploader! 나이스 콩글리시!

One more! This is a milk commercial, which must’ve run a few years back. It features a young 이효리 (Hyori Lee), who is basically my dream girl (excluding my girlfriend of course), and her former group FinKL (Fine Killing Liberty).

Korea must’ve really had a heavy campaign for milk at this point, and on average I think South Koreans’ average height has increased greatly in last couple of generations.

The kicker here is that they’re calling milk “White Love”, which to me has an oddly racist and perverted ring to it.

If you know me, you know I love milk (and cereal). Einstein Milk is the best because it’s Natural DHA milk secreted from milk cows.

ESL milk is also very good. It helps you learn English faster! Well it really just means Extended Shelf Life, but it’s ironic considering the ESL boom occurring here at the moment. Okay, that’s enough. Now go drink your milk!


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