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Seoul Shanty Town

Trying to recommit myself to this blog lest it become abandoned. It’s already been a long time coming.

These makeshift houses are located directly behind the school at which I work, located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Gangnam is home to both the greatest number of rich and poor people in Korea which is no surprise as the latter supposedly make a living leeching off of the former.

Note: click pictures for full-view. WordPress’ layout is annoying, as the composition display varies greatly from the viewing display.


I still don’t understand why they would need three satellite dishes. Are they stealing internet or cable?

These pictures were taken in March of 2009 but the place looks almost exactly the same. Doubtless a few pieces of rotten timber have been replaced but it’s pretty safe to say that not much will change within the next decade as this is located in an advantageous area that is both hilly and close to a stream/designated park area, thus seemingly unsuitable for further development.

It has been said that some students in the school actually live here and while I wouldn’t doubt it given the proximity of the two, which is literally feet away (these were taken from a window within the school), I have not been able to pick out any particular student as coming from there. Now that I think of it, one kid does regularly stink of propane, which may be a direct indication. Most of the residents of the area seem to be elderly or late middle aged and they are the only ones that I’ve ever seen outside of the residences, though that’s naturally within school hours. Recently, I’ve noticed middle and high school aged boys have started smoking in the woods behind the school acting secretive and cool, doubtless a right of passage.


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Vaginal Secretion

This poster has been hanging for months at some sort of  sales booth inside Noksapyeong Station


Are you irritating about

remaining blood stains?

The era has come when even inside

of women’s bodies could be cleaned

The internal parts of women’s

bodies must be pure.

Now you can clean inside of

vagina with Suchaehwa

You can be free from smell of

vaginal secretion.

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2Pac Meets K-Pop

I clicked on to youtube for my weekly dose of the latest in K-pop to find this interview with new group F(x) under top vids

The ending is most notable, as the androgynous Amber grabs the mic and busts a rap in English,  lifted directly from the first verse of 2Pac’s “Me Against the World”:

More bodies being buried — I’m losing my homies in a hurry
They’re relocating to the cemetary
Got me worried, stressin, my vision’s blurried
The question is will I live? No one in the world loves me

Hilarious. Everyone is all smiles!

I give her credit for picking good study material.


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2MB Attains Deity Status


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Taxi Splits in Two

This happened just outside my apartment complex.

These shots were taken at 2AM on May 19th as I was arriving home from a rehearsal.

 This picture was taken right beside the back half of the car

This picture was taken right beside the back half of the car

A close up of the back half of the car

A close up of the back half of the car

A better angle on the back end of the car taken in the middle of the street

A better angle on the back end of the car taken in the middle of the street

Both halves in full view

Both halves in full view

The pics above and below are from a Naver article with a subtitle 3 People dead “Hanti Station Mystery ranking number six on this weeks top ten articles in society, which a friend of mine linked to via Korea Beat. All I can really make out is that 3 people died and the reason for the accident is not understood.

The taxi was going down the wrong side of the street, blew a red light and crashed at 100km/hour (62mph).


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Essay of the Month

My friend’s house


I’m going to my intimate friend’s house. Her house is very Big.

My intimate friend is kind.

Who’s name is sunjin.

Me and my friend’s read the english book.

She’s read a english book is very good!


I like my intimate friend’s.


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