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I Love Pussy <3

Daiso has decided to increase its coolness by several hundred percent by selling these encased chopstick spoon sets with “I Love Pussy” on each of the enclosed pieces.

Sets are available in both blue and pink.

I’m certain that internet searches of this phrase are sure to return similar, if not identical, results.


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Vaginal Secretion

This poster has been hanging for months at some sort of  sales booth inside Noksapyeong Station


Are you irritating about

remaining blood stains?

The era has come when even inside

of women’s bodies could be cleaned

The internal parts of women’s

bodies must be pure.

Now you can clean inside of

vagina with Suchaehwa

You can be free from smell of

vaginal secretion.

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Essay of the Month

My friend’s house


I’m going to my intimate friend’s house. Her house is very Big.

My intimate friend is kind.

Who’s name is sunjin.

Me and my friend’s read the english book.

She’s read a english book is very good!


I like my intimate friend’s.


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Spotted this new beer in the convenience store last night. Cracked me up good.

The Stylish Beer with Fiber

Haha. Beer that keeps you ‘regular’.

Smooth & light premium beer exclusively designed

for well-being of young generation

Judging by the website, it seems this beer is marketed toward women seeking the ever-elusive ‘S-line’. Why not get wasted in the process? A bottle of beer can substitute for a serving of vegetables.

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I give up.

Sitting in an office, after two days looking at the same pages again and again, I can’t help but think that there’s no point. It’s all just a waste of paper. Three printouts of the same pages in the same day with the same mistakes repeated each time. Three times I saw “pateintscare” written in the subheading of an article. It’s frustrating to say the least, and I bitched at the boss a bit, but all she could do was acknoledge that there is in fact a problem. I can imagine this magazine going to print with the sentence “Please shorten this paragraph for me.” still hidden in the center of a page.

To my left are large piles of year old magazines that are already out of date in this time-sensitive industry. Oh yea I’m in the midst of this third revision, waiting for page 42. It’s been more than ten minutes. Regardless of the corrections, there are sure to be a series of mistakes and awkward grammatical structures that make it to print. One structural correction that I made was shelved because the company for which the article was written had already approved of the bad grammar. Utter shite.

Kinda makes me sympathize with this guy


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Thirth is the one with the treasure chest

or hairy chest, depending on your interpretation

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