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Sorry, I did it on accident.

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I give up.

Sitting in an office, after two days looking at the same pages again and again, I can’t help but think that there’s no point. It’s all just a waste of paper. Three printouts of the same pages in the same day with the same mistakes repeated each time. Three times I saw “pateintscare” written in the subheading of an article. It’s frustrating to say the least, and I bitched at the boss a bit, but all she could do was acknoledge that there is in fact a problem. I can imagine this magazine going to print with the sentence “Please shorten this paragraph for me.” still hidden in the center of a page.

To my left are large piles of year old magazines that are already out of date in this time-sensitive industry. Oh yea I’m in the midst of this third revision, waiting for page 42. It’s been more than ten minutes. Regardless of the corrections, there are sure to be a series of mistakes and awkward grammatical structures that make it to print. One structural correction that I made was shelved because the company for which the article was written had already approved of the bad grammar. Utter shite.

Kinda makes me sympathize with this guy


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What a Difference a Letter Makes

Dear Clair,

Clair! I just finished the book titled Steven Spielberg written by Lee Jung He. In this book, I learned and realized many things. It was the most impressive scene to me when Steven Spielberg made a world’s famous movie titled Jews, about a white shark. This impressed me a lot because Steven Spielberg was teased by many friends, and his movies were made fun of the judges. He could success like this because he didn’t give up even though there were hard situations in his life until he came this far.

I was scared of Sharks. When I first read about Jews, I felt like I was attacked. I thought of the idea to change the direction of my feeling of being attacked to go to other people. The people screamed by looking at the shark that they couldn’t see for real. But the people already knew that the seats were safe so they could freely go into the fear.

People in general these days, are very brave and unique like Steven Spielberg. He wanted to take the movie in the real Ocean unlike other supervisors. Spielberg and other supervisors almost died in the sea by the attack of the white shark. But he finally got up of an idea to make a robot shark and make the movie. We have to try to be different from others and be unique. Bye Clair!




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Editing Requests

No matter how proficient the professors here are in English, they all seem to struggle with particles, especially ‘the’ and ‘a’.

I received an email from a professor today who is particularly guilty of abusing ‘the’

Subject: Proof read of the another paper

I attached another paper for your proof read.

Would you please review the paper by the next Monday (May/26)?

Another request came in with this headline

MS word file for checking grammers

That headline doesn’t bode to well for the quality of the paper, especially when he opens with:

So I had to say sorry about poor condition of the paper.

One More:

My name is XXX XXX who is the graduate student of EE.

My paper was revised at March. Another paper is prepared to be submitted to conferences.

I request for your revision to this paper.

However, while these are glaring errors, the meaning is not lost, and the papers tend to be understandable short of a few technical misunderstandings on my part and the occasional wtf moment. I’ve had a 90% success rate for getting these guys (and the occasional woman) published and into conferences! So, I get some nice response letters like this:

Dear Nick,

Thanks a lot for your great help.

BTW, the paper which you reviewed previously gas been accepted in the conference.Thanks again.

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Civil engineers say the darndest things.


I’m editing the College of Engineering brochure, so the second edition should be error free! The contents are the sort of self-congratulatory, but otherwise relatively objective and descriptive pieces of writing that you’d expect from a college pamphlet. Thus, I was quite surprised to read this statement from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, reprinted here unedited:

“Overall, the framework for our combined academic and diverse research activities support to harmonize human infrastructures and the natural environment. Notably, we endeavor to prepare for the civil engineering challenges associated with the upcoming unification of the Korean peninsula.”

Someone’s got his hopes up. What an odd place for a slice of politics. “Upcoming” that sounds so soon. While I feel that Korea will eventually be reunited, I don’t see it coming any time soon. North Korea would be such a charity case that it would really hamper South Korea’s economic boom. Plus, as long as Kim Jong-Il or any of his kin are in power, their government and social policy are going to remain world’s apart. Even though Kim Jong-Il is supposedly transformed and working towards the denuclearization of the country, he’s still no humanitarian. Anyway, the Civil and Environmental Engineers (at least a couple of them) are getting ready, even if the countries themselves aren’t quite there yet.

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