From newlywed TV personality to outcast widow in ten months

09 Sep

At the beginning of the year, Sunny Jung 정선희 was a successful TV host who had just gotten married, and set up her own line of cosmetics, which was selling quite well. I remember seeing her on three TV stations at a time, doing a live televised radio show on one channel, an interview on another and being gossiped about on a third.



However, in Spring, she questioned the actions of people protesting against the resumption of US Beef Imports, saying that perhaps it was a bit too much. The backlash was severe from netizens, who posted scathing remarks on popular websites, calling her an unpatriotic sellout whore, etc. In a matter of days, she lost her job and all corresponding endorsements. Her cosmetic line stopped selling and people actually demanded their money back, claiming they were offended by her comments and didn’t want to be associated with her in any way. All this in response to a simple call for reason.

Alas, it seems some startup money for the cosmetic line was borrowed from the mob, a questionable call by her husband, and the couple wound up being about $4 million in debt. Sometime last month her husband disappeared and just yesterday his body was discovered inside his car after an apparent suicide by some means of self-suffocation.

It turns out that, even though they were married in the public eye and saw all the fruits that come with such ceremonies, i.e. large sums of money, they never filed the marriage documents with city hall. So perhaps her not-quite-husband saw that as a loop hole and knocked himself whilst sparing her any corresponding negative consequences pertaining to the loan collection. 

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Posted by on September 9, 2008 in Seoul Days


One response to “From newlywed TV personality to outcast widow in ten months

  1. oona

    September 13, 2008 at 4:17 am

    Wow, that is so much better than the Anne Hathaway – ❤ – Whatshisface Sleezy Italiano fraudisto. Thank you for enlightening me in Korean Gossip. How I do miss it.


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