McPeace in the McMiddle East

25 Aug

While waiting on my bike at a crosswalk, I was approached by a man, who, after exchanging pleasantries, asked me if I knew the way to the nearest McDonald’s. Being neither familiar with the area, nor an expert on the placement of Micky D’s in the city, I noticed that there was a giant Burger King straight ahead and pointed at it, thinking that there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

He quickly threw that idea by the wayside, stating his devotion to McDonald’s food as well as that of KFC and explicitly stating that he wished only to dine at one of their fine establishments.

As an American on a bike in the city, it is clearly my responsibility to know the whereabouts of such places, and I regret not doing so up to this point and vow to better myself by garnering such knowledge.

When i asked him where he was from, he smiled shyly/slyly  and said Pakistan! which prompted me to shake his hand. Turned out to be an exporter of construction materials in Korea on a short business trip.

Guess I shouldn’t be so surprised by his love for the fast food juggernaut because meat plays a dominant role in Pakistani food, compared to other South Asian cuisines. According to a 2003 report, an average Pakistani consumed three times more meat than an average Indian. Of all the meats, the most popular are: beef, goat, and chicken.

I wonder if they make a goat burger.

Free advertising for McDonald’s Pakistan!

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Posted by on August 25, 2008 in Seoul Days


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