18 Jul

It’s already been a couple of weeks since my trip to Jeju. Took me awhile to upload photos because I had misplaced the USB cable to Clair’s camera, which I found while packing the other day.

The trip to Jeju was with my office at the university and touted as a workshop/seminar, but there were no special speakers and only a couple of powerpoint presentations that lasted all of 40 minutes. The rest of the time was devoted to eating and drinking.

When we got off the plane we traveled straight to a restaurant specializing in abalone/전복.  I feasted on 돌솥 전복 덮밥, or at least I think that’s what it was called. Scattered around the abalone are chestnuts.

We also whet our whistles with some hallasan soju/한라산 소주

Following the standard hotel check-in and the ‘seminar’ mentioned above, a group of us took a walk to Dragon Head Rock.

We crossed this bridge and pagoda along the way.

The crew stopped by a seafood market to check out what’s available and inquired about prices. (I accidentally typed ‘enquired’ first. Damn Ask Enquired clothing label!)

This particular fish, which I could have sworn was called 혹등, but that’s the word for humpback whale, sold for 70,000 Won per kilo! At 8 kilos, the entire fish would run you 560,000 Won!

The rock does resemble a Dragon’s Head from this side. The weather was not that great, so my poorly composed shot has been replaced by a stand-in from flickr

Dinner found us at a local sushi place chosen by one of our professors who is a native of the island. There was a whole lot of boozing going on with the dean emceeing and mixing 소맥/ soju and beer concoctions that quickly got everyone lit. On top of that there were a ton of different kinds of fancy fish served in what looked like Viking boats to me, but could just as easily be called Chinese junks. Here’s a small one:

And a fuzzy shot of a couple big ones

Check out the aftermath… the table at the end of dinner

This was followed by a healthy round of noraebanging, after which I went for a walk with some coworkers near the hotel and 팥빙수 for dessert.

Perhaps I’ll post a part two in the near future, detailing our trip to 우도, i.e. Bull’s Head Island.

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