What a Difference a Letter Makes

09 Jul

Dear Clair,

Clair! I just finished the book titled Steven Spielberg written by Lee Jung He. In this book, I learned and realized many things. It was the most impressive scene to me when Steven Spielberg made a world’s famous movie titled Jews, about a white shark. This impressed me a lot because Steven Spielberg was teased by many friends, and his movies were made fun of the judges. He could success like this because he didn’t give up even though there were hard situations in his life until he came this far.

I was scared of Sharks. When I first read about Jews, I felt like I was attacked. I thought of the idea to change the direction of my feeling of being attacked to go to other people. The people screamed by looking at the shark that they couldn’t see for real. But the people already knew that the seats were safe so they could freely go into the fear.

People in general these days, are very brave and unique like Steven Spielberg. He wanted to take the movie in the real Ocean unlike other supervisors. Spielberg and other supervisors almost died in the sea by the attack of the white shark. But he finally got up of an idea to make a robot shark and make the movie. We have to try to be different from others and be unique. Bye Clair!




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