Obama Wins – ‘Dream Ticket’ Still Probable

04 Jun

I think the fact that Obama has sealed up the nomination, makes a Obama/Clinton pairing even more likely.

And I’ve been saying this for about a year, but first published it here back in February

Anyway, as far as Democrats go, and I was saying this over 7 months ago, the ticket is going to be Obama/Clinton, or, less likely, Clinton/Obama because the two paired together will be a juggernaut that the Republicans can’t beat short of digging Reagan up out of his grave and parading him around a la Weekend at Bernies. I’m not even sure if that would work.

pick snatched from reuters (seems Castro said this a long time ago too) Hi Che!

I thought it would get to the point where the DNC would force it to happen with the delegate count being so close, but, with Barack’s victory, it seems it’s going to be up to Obama to extend his benevolent to Hillrod to give her the Vip spot and UNITE THE PARTY. I just don’t see any other logical choice. I’m not sure it will placate the Harriet Christians of the nation, but it will be more of a boon than a hindrance.

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