Editing Requests

28 May

No matter how proficient the professors here are in English, they all seem to struggle with particles, especially ‘the’ and ‘a’.

I received an email from a professor today who is particularly guilty of abusing ‘the’

Subject: Proof read of the another paper

I attached another paper for your proof read.

Would you please review the paper by the next Monday (May/26)?

Another request came in with this headline

MS word file for checking grammers

That headline doesn’t bode to well for the quality of the paper, especially when he opens with:

So I had to say sorry about poor condition of the paper.

One More:

My name is XXX XXX who is the graduate student of EE.

My paper was revised at March. Another paper is prepared to be submitted to conferences.

I request for your revision to this paper.

However, while these are glaring errors, the meaning is not lost, and the papers tend to be understandable short of a few technical misunderstandings on my part and the occasional wtf moment. I’ve had a 90% success rate for getting these guys (and the occasional woman) published and into conferences! So, I get some nice response letters like this:

Dear Nick,

Thanks a lot for your great help.

BTW, the paper which you reviewed previously gas been accepted in the conference.Thanks again.

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