Hard Rock Rejects

27 May

After several lengthy delays, the Hard Rock Cafe finally opened in Itaewon sometime last month. Saturday night Dog Soup had an audition of sorts for a slot on their stage. A representative came from the club to hear us at another gig down the road.

We failed miserably!

This from the bassist of the Soup:

The reason: we’re not “pop” enough: “too much rock”. Our auditor suggested we get two female singers who are, and I quote here, “thin, blonde ,and attractive”. She also suggested we sing more Madonna and Britney. Then, she’d look at us again.

She obviously wants the usual top 40 pop garbage. Guess their disregarding what the name implies. It’s supposed to be a “rock club,” but she said that she wants it to be more “customer friendly pop” and that we we’re too “rock” and she doesn’t think our sound fits the “family restaurant atmosphere” she wants to promote.

The band “Faded” was the first band to play there a few weekends ago and she’s not inviting them back.

Too loud and too “rock”.

What they really want is a Filipino style cover band. One that will learn any song they want in the style they want, i.e. exactly like on the record. But they need to have white faces! Yay racism! Ideally the band would be a bikini team with instruments, but any of these Las Vegas Show bands would suffice.


So, if we become a different band, abandon our repertoire and funk stylings we’ll earn a gig at the Soft Pop Cafe. No love for the Soup, which is just as well. I’ve compromised styles too much already and don’t care to whore myself out further for the sake of a Hard Rock gig, especially with this band.

The politics of the music business make me glad I have a day job, but, at the same time, I would like nothing more than to play music for a living. Therein lies the dilemma. Alas, I’ve got another three months left in my contract to figure something out.

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One response to “Hard Rock Rejects

  1. Phil Anglade

    October 12, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    Is the band still together? we would love to have you guys play for us again…we have a pre-Halloween gig coming up…let me know if interested…


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