Wonder Girls – So Hot

23 May

Unfortunately, I missed the show they played at my university last week, my consolation came yesterday when the Wonder Girls’ new single and corresponding MV were released:

JYP is my hero and I hope to manufacture a girl group along these lines some time in the future. That said, I was curious about where he would go with this group after the cute and catchy “Tell Me” and I must say this is disappointing. Perhaps it’s a novel idea in Korea to have teens singing about how HOT they are, but this reeks of Pussy Cat Dolls (or their derivative, Girlicious) to me, though still significantly toned down; Korea can’t handle that yet. So WGs are not asking you to push up on their buttons, they’re complaining about how tough life is, because everyone wants to push ’em.

The dance is a herky-jerky mess. JYP must be saving his good moves for something else.

Will the carry-over from the last track inspire any policemen copying it? a la:

I can still hear JYP’s Western 80’s influence in the beat (doesn’t the synth line sound a bit like “Sweet Dreams”?) But conceptually I think he should have gone for a more gradual evolution. So Hee is just short of her sixteenth birthday. Does she really need to be singing about her giant ego and all the guys following her around (ajosshi stalkers)?!?!?

The rap is the highlight for me. Yoo Bin has an interesting flow when she’s rapping in Korean. It’s great how she rhymes 스팟라이트 (spotlight) with 나이트 (night, i.e. night-club) I didn’t catch the references she was making at first so I dug up some photos to compare hotness.

“My sexy eyes are Go So Young.” I recognized her as being the star from this bad suspense/horror flick called 아파트 (APT, i.e. apartment) that I never made it all the way through. Check out those sexy double-eyelids. (There’s a better close up on her website.)

Yoo Bin’s eyes are not as round:

“My sexy legs are sort of Ha Ji Won”

Yoo Bin’s legs aren’t looking so hot hot:

All up I think the young budding Korean Princesses will probably love this song, saying it’s even better than “Tell Me”, primarily because the whole nation is finally sick of that song.

Soon boys and girls from around the nation from kindergarten on up will be singing about how hot THEY are. Then… sometime during the boshintang days of summer, in a hagwon with no air-conditioning, some poor unknowing English teacher will utter the words “I’m so hot!”, which will be met with thunderous laughter, the inevitable “TEACHER KOREAN!” and a never-ending argument about the actual contents of the language. Perhaps there will be some amusement to be had in that if the popularity of this track is equal to JYP’s last. Only time will tell.


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3 responses to “Wonder Girls – So Hot

  1. Sam

    May 25, 2008 at 12:52 am

    Awesome. I heard it here first.

  2. Sam

    June 20, 2008 at 12:56 am

    Nick, I’m starting to love this song, and it’s all your fault.

    It’s a perfect Korean princess anthem. I don’t know whether they are serious, or being tongue in cheek, but either way it gets funier every time.

  3. Angie

    July 12, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    I think yoobin’s legs are hella nice. foool,


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