Graffiti in Seoul (Hongdae)

21 May

There’s a virtual trove of graffiti in Hongdae. I had no idea!

This does make sense however because Hongik University is the center of the area and the school is known for its artists. However, I’d only visited at night up until this past Saturday when Dog Soup had a gig at The Spot, helping local International Schools in their efforts to fight Global Warming. I got to feel like a pop idol for a half hour with a few dozen teenage girls screaming to my every move. Good fun.

I was also took a walk around the park in daylight and was able to see some pretty cool art in a variety of forms.

Whoever makes these gets around quite a bit. “Nana is Real” is a fixture in Hongdae. It reminds me of my grandmother, whom I happen to call Nana. My Nana is real!

Here’s another one (from the underground):

This wall looks like it was inspired by Fruit Stripe Gum Yipes! Stripes! (worst gum ever?!?!?).

The wall opposite the Fruit Stripes.

The 80s style shades on the ape have been making a comeback here lately a la Kanye

Back in 06 on my friend Sam’s Bday I snapped this slice of racism: “FUCK JAPS”

Yipes! I’ve noticed it in a few other places since but hadn’t seen it countered in any way until this

BUT JAPS LUV U! Aww… do they love being called Japs as well?

Also, what’s that stuff before the U supposed to mean?

I dug these heads. They remind me of some of the collages I was doing awhile back. Spherical heads are easy to make and an instantly recognizable form. These are stylin’.

They were right next door to these awesome Superman flyers

and this painting bares the likeness of your typical Korean cartoon character

I checked out the website at the top “Enjoy your Groove Mind!!” . It has some more of her art and some pictures similar to mine. I hadn’t noticed the cool head piece on the ground with the mirror (the last pic in her 5.16.08 set).

I’ve got time for one more (it’s an annoying process to mail these to myself via my cellphone).

Lincoln did fail to attain public often numerous times. I’m not sure if eleven is the exact number. The pastel flower is a nice touch.

I have a few more that I’ll throw up later and wrap up this virtual tour of Hongdae graffiti / public art.


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2 responses to “Graffiti in Seoul (Hongdae)

  1. wintermute

    July 17, 2008 at 2:35 am

    “BUT JAPS LUV U! Aww… do they love being called Japs as well?
    Also, what’s that stuff before the U supposed to mean?”

    Looks like a stylized version of the Kanji (chinese character) for ‘heart’.

  2. Francis

    January 18, 2009 at 12:15 am

    are you still living in seoul ..
    i live in irealnd but go several times a year to korea ..
    have been taking many pict of stencils mostly in hongdae ..
    was wondering who is nana ..
    upon research, found your blog and saw same pict like mine.
    cheers / francis


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