Why are we here?

02 May

This is not some question about the nature of existence. No, this concerns my blog and the amusing search stats associated with it. Unless you’ve received a personal invitation from me (I know of about a dozen regular readers. Hi Mom!) you’ve likely arrived here in search of information about one of four things, so let’s talk about ’em and get it over with!


1. Full House

At over 1000 searches, this search is responsible for most of the random traffic on my site. About 70% of people who come to this site are seeking information relating to the 2004 Korean drama. Addressing this will likely only compound the bias. I suppose it’s noteworthy because its two main stars (Rain-bi and Song Hye Gyo) are incredibly popular right now and both are about to make their US film debuts.

Rain as Taejo in Speed Racer

And Song Hye Gyo in Fetish, the word fetish being a search term I can’t enter in Korea without getting one of these: a symbol indicating censorship. (‘Adult’ is another term that is censored, but if you enter the number nineteen you get girls making kissy faces at you and a couple about to get it on. Go figure.) Anyway I assume the film will be coming out sometime this year, though there’s not much info about it on IMDB. I believe this still is from the movie though:

Anyway, it seems that there is a growing number of non-Koreans becoming incredibly obsessed with K-dramas, so if you yourself are a K-addict, or are aspiring to become one, I suggest you head over to, which should provide you with many a fix.


2. Lee Myung Bak

Korea’s new President, and a figure of great controversy and scandal. I’m no reporter though, so if you want to know about him read the news.

I know he just finished hanging out with GW and is ready to allow US beef into Korea!

I’m hoping that he can help get the current Korean tourist Visa restrictions lifted soon so m’lady can come to Amurrrica for Xmas this year. Victory!


3. Penises

That’s right ‘baby boy penis’, ‘Korean penis’ and ‘boy penis’ all cracked the top 10 search terms for this blog and ‘penis pepper’ makes an appearance further down the list. The terms ‘perv’, ‘sicko’, ‘pedophile’, come to mind, but all you’ll find here is one picture of a Korean baby boy and several pictures of red peppers shaped like penises.

I can do no more for you! but perhaps Sam can help.

On second thought, I do have some Korean penises to show you, but you have to wait for about 20 seconds:


4. Bible quotes

Well I finished the Old Testament and haven’t quite gotten around to the New one yet, but I found some illustrated Bible quotes on Russell’s Teapot (Warning: some are quite graphic) to share with those in need.


Hope you’re all happy!

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