Sinchon Dentist

22 Feb

I went to the dentist this week for my first ever dental scaling, which I was surprised to find was quite different from a cleaning. The mint-flavored polish and manual scraping I’d grown accustomed to have been replaced by an ultrasonic drill and a tube gushing ‘bad water’ into my mouth. I chose Beautiful Smile Dentist based on a recommendation from a coworker and it worked out well. I had been tempted to go across the street to Shinchon Ye Dentist, if only to be on the inside staring out of their giant tooth window.

Check it out:


It’s in the same building just upstairs from CNN Headquarters. The PC stands for Political Correctness. Wait a minute… that’s not CNN Headquarters… just a PC Bang that ripped off their name/logo. My bad.


The receptionist spoke English pretty well and the dentist, who was young, and, judging from the post-visit discussion with my coworker, just an assistant, was very kind and tried her best to communicate effectively, even going so far as to look a couple of terms up online during the procedure. When I sat in the dental chair I couldn’t help but notice the TV screen about a foot and a half away staring me down. I thought, wow I get to watch TV while I’m getting my teeth scaled, but that was not to be the case because just after it was turned on a vinyl mat was placed over my face which only had a hole for my mouth and nose. So the TV must have been for her then, which is an idea that sent a surge of fear through my body worse than car TVs do, but everything turned out fine so either she was really good at dividing her attention or it was just for background noise. Turns out I had a little bit of 켈쿠루스/calculus on the back side of my front bottom row of teeth. I had never heard of calculus before, so I said “You mean tartar?” and she said “치석” which indeed does mean tartar. But I managed to sound like an idiot stating that calculus is a branch of mathematics. She showed me the tiny specs of tartar and said “bad not just scaling” but that otherwise everything was fine and I didn’t have any cavities. 나이스!!


The treatment cost 60,000 won ($63.24 on today’s market). Much like the states preventative care is not covered by my insurance. However, if I stop brushing completely and develop Periodontitis then I’m covered. What a twisted system.

I highly recommend 아름다운 미소 치과/Beautiful Smile Dentist for a relatively painless dental treatment that’s convenient if you’re living or working in the Shinchon area. It’s located across the street from the main gate of Yonsei University on the 약국/Pharmacy corner a block from the underpass. Here’s a helpful picture:


It’s on the second floor. You can kind of see the TV and part of the chair  off to the left  of the white sign in the window.




If you go based on this post, tell them Nick sent you (maybe they’ll hook me up in the future).


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2 responses to “Sinchon Dentist

  1. inKorea

    November 18, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    Hi, I’m in search of a dentist now here in Seoul, Sinchon. Do you have any recollection how much they would charge you for a filling at 아름다운 미소 치과?

  2. J

    February 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree most insurance in the USA does cover preventative care. Cleanings are typically 100%.


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