Primaries Schmimaries

06 Feb

I’ve been paying close attention to US politics lately, or at least the freakfest that is primary season.

On the GOP side, I’ve been disgusted by the ignorance/religious exploitation of Huckabee as well as the inconsistencies of Romney and McCain and their futile/petty arguments.

I’ve found Ron Paul’s message refreshing and enjoy hearing him talk, but kind of figured that his rivals, paired with mass media, could pass him off as an old kook who obviously hates America and all that it stands for. He answers tough questions thoroughly and thus isn’t easy to clip into soundbytes, and perhaps that is his greatest weakness (that and not paying close attention to what’s been published in his name). This run for the Republican nomination is hopeless but perhaps he’ll run as a liberarian to spite McCain and snatch some votes from him.

Americans list the economy as their top concern, but then choose candidates who will surely drive us into deeper debt and cause further depreciation of the dollar. Part of me wishes I never started paying attention to this stuff; the remaining part finds it oddly addictive yet endlessly depressing.

Anyway, as far as Democrats go, and I was saying this over 7 months ago, the ticket is going to be Obama/Clinton, or, less likely, Clinton/Obama because the two paired together will be a juggernaut that the Republicans can’t beat short of digging Reagan up out of his grave and parading him around a la Weekend at Bernies. I’m not even sure if that would work.

My first guess would have to be McCain/Huckabee (to help in the South), but then again it could be Giuliani, or perhaps some special mystery partner (like in professional wrestling, a black silhouette with a question mark). However, I think it ultimately won’t matter as the intergender, interracial tag-team of Obama/Clinton will be victorious and become the new faces of hope and change for American imperialism or… the welfare state… or something.


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3 responses to “Primaries Schmimaries

  1. Bob Dodge

    February 11, 2008 at 9:53 am

    I would suggest that Clinton would never accept 2nd place with Obama.

    A McCain – Huckabee ticket is a distinct possibility.

    You may call the Huckabee talking points demonstrating ignorance and being exploitative, but do remember that there are millions who look on those points as gospel though I’m not one of them. Let us only pray that there is a limit to the size of the yahoo vote. That’s yahoo as in Swift not the web.

  2. Stella Kevlar

    February 16, 2008 at 12:33 am

    I agree with Bob Dodge.

    Man, I want to put that on a shirt and wear it every day.

    Seriously, tho, Hilz will never play second fiddle to Obama. And I’m not sure that Obama would be Hillary’s VP either; the only way he’d be VP is if he could ostensibly run for president in another 4 years (the fastest way to become president is to be vice-president first, of course). And Hillary is fo sho a two-termer… I don’t think Obama would put himself into a position where he couldn’t run again in 4 years without somehow “betraying” Hillary/the Democrats.


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