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30 Jan

I was perusing the Korea Herald’s Jobs 4 Foreigners page, which always contains some gems. For instance, check out the following ad:


Job Location   Korea
Start Date   Jan. 13,2008
Job Categories   Service/Art/Entertainment
Positions available   Part-time
English Proficiency   Intermediate
Job Description   we are looking for BLACK GUYS in our new movie. this movie will shoot late Jan. to Feb.
our movie is about a rock band story in 1970th.
we need lots of black guys.*** Needed is ***
> Full Name
> Ethnicity
> Nationality
> Pictures
> Visa Type
> Birth /year
> Weight/ height
> spoken languages
> e-mail address
> phone number

I really wish I was qualified.

Alas, I found and applied for a part-time editing job at a marketing research firm called Synovate.
Their website looks fairly professional and the introduction letter I received from the manager was flawless, which was surprising because the company description posted in their ad on the Korea Herald website contained numerous errors. I figured I would wow them with my keen eye and save them future embarrassment by correcting their mistakes. However, what I received was the introduction letter just mentioned, which asked me to edit an attached file in order to “test my English proficiency”. I thought I’d already illustrated my English proficiency by fixing their description. Anyway, I opened up the file and it turned out to be twenty pages long. About half of the pages were densely crowded with laughable English, but the joke gets old when you actually have to fix all of it. 아이고!

I’ve done you the favor of uploading two pages from the file. From what I gather, they’re part of an outline for an infomercial about a miracle drug.

“VMS should be taken by regular time and it feels like a habit.”
“I expect I am vigorous and confident with VMS like her image”
I tried to do this when I was at the peak of my illness, but my patience failed me about half way through. I don’t think I would feel good about making this advertisement more effective anyway. I did attach a note to my half-completed product stating that I was quite sick and couldn’t finish it but that they should have a good idea of my English proficiency judging from the many changes I made to their script. I even included a full paragraph about why they shouldn’t call their product habit-forming.
Anyway, I’ve been on VMS for two weeks and it’s the best drug ever. I’m totally addicted. It has a great efficacy!
Actually, they never contacted me after that because I didn’t give them the excessive 서비스 they were demanding.
Oh well!
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