Fighter Pilot

27 Jan

I had to pick up some fancy paper at the stationary store, which always leads to some impulsive purchase. This time was no different. I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up this shiny new English notebook:
Fighter Pilot

In case you’re too lazy to click on the picture the green text reads

“Fighter pilots must be in excellent health in order to handle the strange bodily effects caused by aerial warfare. Excellent heart condition is required, as g-forces have a tendency to suck blood away from where it is needed the most: the brain.”

These things are starting to read like new age spam messages. You know, the ones that copy passages from pieces of literature in random places. Only this one grasps onto one idea and sees it through. I’m much more aware of how critical it if for fighter pilots to maintain a peak condition.

I’ll also share with you some enlightening text from the inside cover:

“Green releases the eyes from exaustion. This notebook is anti-bacterial neutralized paper to resist harmful germs. It’s restful color scheme with a luminosity of 8 and saturation of 2 helps to prevent tired eyes.”


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