똥침:Ddong Chim: If you don’t know, now you know.

25 Jan

This is a flashback post, i.e. I wrote it on my old myspace blog over a year ago. I happened to receive some comments on that blog today which gave me this idea. Why write new material when I can republish old writing that you’ve never read. I notice a bit of evolution in my writing, which perhaps parallels my jump from kindergarten to university. Anyway, enjoy!


똥침/Ddong Chim is the act of anal finger thrusting. Performed on unsuspecting, unguarded anuses, it is extremely popular with the Korean kids. In fact, as far as I’ve witnessed, it is the joke amongst them that never gets old. Especially the little ones, who are ass height in relation to most adults, can’t seem to resist the urge to take a poke when the opportunity arises. (I’ve been a victim a couple times myself, but the perp incurred severe consequences, i.e. standing out in the hallway with hands raised overhead.)

the family that 똥침’s each other…

A Sunday stroll just isn’t complete without a little 똥침 thrown in

I believe the term translates loosely as ‘shit needle’, but the Japanese version is called kancho, which also means ‘enema’. If you do an image search you’ll find numerous examples.

If you’re interested in doing it yourself, it’s really quite simple. All you need to do is clasp your hands together, fingers interlaced, with your pointers sticking out together, like when you shot pretend laser guns as a child. When you see someone bending over or otherwise with their backs to you unawares just dive right in. You’ll be surprised at the success rate of such attempts. You see, at any given moment, not a lot of people are expecting to suddenly feel fingers in their butt.

Someone was even inspired to make a little flash game dedicated to Ddong Chim. That’s right, flying disembodied fingers and falling poo make for minutes of mindless entertainment. Cheers to you Mike Wang! Here’s the link:
Tip: if you hold the left mouse button down you can charge up for a super ddong chim.

I’m sure you’re all feeling enlightened and ready to take action,
so happy Ddong Chimming everyone! Poke a friend!

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