S + talking = Stalking

09 Jan

Major Korean company GS has opened a new online shop/community called 스토킹/Stalking. ‘S + talking = Stalking’, which is true only stalking was already a word with a much different meaning. Supposedly you talk about things that start with the letter S. To quote the Metro article these topics include “Style, Shopping, She, Success, Sexy, S라인 , 수다 (Suda i.e. Gossip)”. S라인/S-line is a Korean term for curves/nice body shape. They really should consult an English speaker before they name. Though with the way internet communities work Stalking can be seen as completely direct and unpretentious.

This is not quite as funny as Coolpis, the failed Korean drink of the 80’s, but it’s still pretty good.

Check it out:

Wash it down with a nice cold glass of Coolpis (no Warmpis here).


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