Condom Fashion

04 Jan

Lately I’ve been trying to read the Metro (Seoul) newspaper on a daily basis for three basic reasons: it’s free, easy to find and completely in Korean. I can understand maybe about 5% of it, but through cross-referencing I usually retain a couple/few new words a day. Today’s highlight, from ‘An issue word a day’, is “Purge your underwear: 낡은 속웃 싹 버리기”, which I’m sure I’ll be using frequently. There are a lot of entertainment stories, wacky bits of news from around the globe and mini English lessons, which are actually the most helpful with their direct translations.

Yesterday there was an mini-article about a condom fashion show, which was an abbreviated version of this article. This is not the first time I’ve seen dresses made from condoms (a google image search of ‘condom fashion’ will return over 40,000 results), but it is my first look at the condumbrella.


I doubt it’s very effective though with the way those ends of wire are protruding, and those bits of condom flapping about are sure to splash water on you especially the way the model is holding it. A much better pun (and idea)  would be the prophylactic raincoat.

Also how exactly does a condom fashion show promote AIDS awareness? Though it’s quite creative and some of the dresses  look quite nice, it seems like a waste of good condoms to me. Besides, shouldn’t it be men wearing them?

Koreans spell AIDS ‘에이즈’ (eh-ee-juh) which just sounds like ‘age’ to me.

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One response to “Condom Fashion

  1. Herr Doktor bongo

    January 14, 2008 at 8:30 am

    you have hit it on the head, Dorje. (Not to make another bad pun.) Yea, AIDS and AGE are intimately related, as what happens in an accelerated pace in AIDS is what happens in a more organic, but no less devastating way in AGE. There are no condomes against AGE. Contemplate this and dwell in solitude in the mountains.


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