Christmas 2007

27 Dec

Christmas Eve was one of the busiest days of my life. I worked all day preparing for my upcoming class on presentation skills, had a dinner date with my girlfriend and then played three gigs, the last of which ended slightly before five o’clock Christmas morning. Thus, when I woke up at eleven AM on Christmas I was kinda groggy and grumpy. It took a couple more hours to muster up some strength and positivity and venture out with m’lady to deliver presents.

One of her students is a three year old boy named Hero. We went to his house in Northern Seoul and delivered a car set and a Christmas ice cream cake. He was initially apprehensive because I have a white face and he kept asking his mom if I only spoke English. I played with him a bit though and spoke some Korean to him and shortly thereafter he went into performance mode and nothing else mattered. Aside from his enthusiasm for cars (he can identify a bunch of brands by emblem alone), Hero is primarily a performer of Beatles songs. He’s on TV over here all the time.

Here’s the gist of it:

His dad has put up a series of videos which you can check out here: heroisborn

We ate cake, put together the car set, sat through a couple experimental performances and then went out for “green galbi”, which was quite delicious. After eating, I played with Hero and his little brother so their parents could eat. Then went home and, funny enough, watched Heroes. Clair and I have watched the whole series in the past few weeks, but its entertainment value has taken a dive. Now it’s just laughable.

Of course I was thinking of family and friends back home, and it wasn’t the traditional Christmas I’ve known in the past, but there was gift-giving and bonding at least. And I wasn’t sick this year which is always a plus!


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2 responses to “Christmas 2007

  1. Stella Kevlar

    January 11, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Can you explain to me exactly why this is funny to Koreans? I found it very funny, mostly when he was screaming BETTER BETTER BETTER BETTER NAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! but that’s because I find little kids (of any nationality) hilarious when they scream-sing. Does the humor come from the fact that he’s being a goofy little kid, or is it that he’s singing an English (gibberish to many in the audience?) song?

    Also, I love/want his haircut.

  2. metamorphallic

    January 17, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    It’s all about 콘셉트 literally concept.
    The concept of a three year old obsessed with The Beatles, sing-screaming, shaking and winking all the while.

    As for the haircut, one of my friends owns a salon.
    I could totally hook you up.


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