Old Korean Commercials

03 Dec

Roaming youtube today I found a user who has uploaded a bunch of old Korean commercials. They’re wonderful!

A lot of them are for various kinds of ice cream. This one is 맛3바.

맛 just means tasty and 바 is bar. It’s a tasty bar of ice cream with strawberry jam in the middle and it’s only 100원, about 10 cents!

박카스 드링크 Bacchus Drink, named after the Greek God of wine, but it’s an energy drink and still in existence to date. Their website is neat The commercial features a white women speaking Korean.

Pause it at -20 seconds. Doesn’t the guy look kind of like Ray Liotta?

Ray Liotta

A gum commercial for 주시 후레쉬, which comes out as Juicy Hooreshi because the letter F is approximated in Korean with their H sound. (Another example of this being Korea Hwaiting! for Fighting, which by the way doesn’t mean engaging in physical combat but trying one’s best.)

This one must be from the early 90’s. Daewoo Mini-cassettuh! Teen girls in bright colors and a goofy Korean guy wearing a clown nose! For real! Yo! Yo!

I’ll cut myself off after this one, for now anyway. Another from Daewoo, this time they’re selling a washing machine. You can even wash all your 운동와 (exercise shoes) in this deluxe model. Notice how the Yo Yo! of the last commercial has been replaced with the strikingly similar Yeah Yeah!

You can check these out and 195 others at Gomigomi7’s page. Come to find it’s the same Japanese guy who uploaded the Korean music videos I reviewed.


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One response to “Old Korean Commercials

  1. Ghost

    December 9, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    wow…. i’ve always been interested in the Korean culture from post war – pre 90’s….that was defiantly something Ive never seen though. good stuff!


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