Civil engineers say the darndest things.

21 Nov


I’m editing the College of Engineering brochure, so the second edition should be error free! The contents are the sort of self-congratulatory, but otherwise relatively objective and descriptive pieces of writing that you’d expect from a college pamphlet. Thus, I was quite surprised to read this statement from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, reprinted here unedited:

“Overall, the framework for our combined academic and diverse research activities support to harmonize human infrastructures and the natural environment. Notably, we endeavor to prepare for the civil engineering challenges associated with the upcoming unification of the Korean peninsula.”

Someone’s got his hopes up. What an odd place for a slice of politics. “Upcoming” that sounds so soon. While I feel that Korea will eventually be reunited, I don’t see it coming any time soon. North Korea would be such a charity case that it would really hamper South Korea’s economic boom. Plus, as long as Kim Jong-Il or any of his kin are in power, their government and social policy are going to remain world’s apart. Even though Kim Jong-Il is supposedly transformed and working towards the denuclearization of the country, he’s still no humanitarian. Anyway, the Civil and Environmental Engineers (at least a couple of them) are getting ready, even if the countries themselves aren’t quite there yet.

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One response to “Civil engineers say the darndest things.

  1. Bob Dodge

    November 24, 2007 at 12:40 am

    Three cheers for an opinion about North Korea (that I happen to agree with) presented clearly in one well writen paragraph.



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