Korean Music Videos

16 Nov

Asah! Youtube user Yasassin has done us all a great favor by posting some amazing Korean music videos, many of them from the 1960’s and 70’s. I haven’t made it through all of them yet but here are a few of my favorites so far:

A Korean rendition of YMCA by 조경수 (Jo Gyeong Soo) featuring a bunch of lasses in shiny silver jumpsuits standing next to motorcycles. Which of the Village People do you think was his favorite, the police officer or leatherman?

Next we have 여자목욕탕, an animated music video in which a man reminisces about his boyhood adventures at a Korean women’s public bath. (Warning: Cartoon nudity, nipple-pulling)

And an animated rap video about 거시기 (Keosigi), which from search returns like this I’m guessing is a term for penis or sex or something… I’ll figure it out soon enough. Incidentally, the same search also led me to some cool art at the Gimpo Sculpture Park

I like the funky middle-eastern type beat.

The website shown on the bottom has a lot of other animated videos/games too:

One more… the one I found first while searching for dog soup, also my favorite. A dog and cat argue about which animal tastes better as a soup.

Some Koreans eat these summer soups to sweat out the heat… and for virility, but many Koreans now look down upon the dog soup devotees, claiming that its preventing the society from becoming completely civilized. Anyway, the chicken says “I’m weak. Don’t eat me. The dog is fat. He tastes better”. The dog in turn says, “Don’t eat me. When it’s hot I eat chicken legs and I feel good. Chicken soup with ginseng makes be feel strong”.

They’re all so great! I suggest you watch them all and leave the guy a nice comment if you’re registered on youtube.


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