Korean Time 1

13 Nov

I’ve been studying Korean for the past week or so and one of the tips I found to help memorize vocabulary involved associating a picture, word or story with a newly learned word.

얼굴 (ul-ghoul) — face — sounds like ugly especially when Koreans say ul-ghoul-lee

Usually I find it easier to just memorize by rote but I’m still at a stage where so many Korean words sound similar to me. Instead of imagining pictures I look them for amusing images with the word in the title

for instance:

Let’s  stick with 얼굴 — ugly face

당근 (dang-keun) — carrot — this Korean blog shows a set of carrots shaped like a penis. How great is that?

냉장고 (naeng-jang-go) — refrigerator — boy in refrigerator Where’s the soju? Oh there it is .


Good times. I’m trying to get some of the basic grammar down in the next few weeks. There’s so much to learn. Instead of being overwhelmed by it and giving up without trying, I’ve opted to start putting in some effort and… well we’ll see.

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