Toilet is Life

09 Nov

Korea is famous for the widespread Christian missionary work of its people. However, many people may be unaware of their role in spreading a gospel of another sort. The Korea Toilet Association hopes to create a ‘toilet revolution’ the world over with “Toilet is Life” as its motto. Check out this article featured in Korea IT Times magazine, the magazine my girlfriend writes for: Unprecedented Toilet Revolution. (I get a cookie for each view I bring to the site (as a further side note I was searching for images of 쿠키 and it seems Koreans have a penchant for naming their dogs after the famed snack)).

toilets with culture

It’s a certain niche in foreign aid that no other country is quite so adamant about. Somehow world hunger and world peace seem to overshadow this issue. Korea to the rescue! It will be a cruel joke when toilets reach the starving millions in Africa before food. At least they’ll have a nice place to sit.

One 아저씨 (ajosshi), the chairman of the WTA, has gone so far as to dub himself Mr. Toilet. English slogans are strewn throughout the Korean website, but the proverb of the future that we’ll all soon be uttering is “Toilets are our Faces”.

toilets with welfare

I don’t feel Mr. Toilet can claim mission accomplished yet, even within the bounds of his own country. I still come upon squatters on a regular basis. A couple of the members suffered at my band’s last gig down in Cheongju a few weeks back when nature called, and they were forced to come ass-to-air (as opposed to face-to-face, see toilets are our faces, squatters aren’t) hovering over a dirty squatter and testing the fitness of their cerebellums. There are still many scattered throughout Seoul as well.

My other problem with this is that toilets are a luxury, and just as with cars, the dissemination of this technology can have negative effects on the world’s natural resources. For an extreme example, if we got everyone in China and India shitting on toilets and flushing them with fresh water on a regular basis, the world’s water supply would growing a few shades darker after too long.

I could get into a whole mess of bad puns with this but I’m short on time. There could very well be a follow up on this though as Clair is heading to the World Toilet Association General Assembly later this month, and, even if I’m unable to accompany her, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of material to disseminate to y’all.


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