Mauriat Galaxy

24 Oct

I went to Nagwon Arcade on Sunday with my friend Adam. Nagwon Arcade is a giant music mall with over 200 stores selling instruments, recording gear and accessories. Adam tried out a couple of guitars. I found a unique looking saxophone and asked to try it. Ajjosshi said it was very expensive. I said yeah? How much? $6000! Bullshit. Anyway he wouldn’t let me try it because I didn’t have a mouthpiece on me. Then he started criticizing me, saying I didn’t know anything about saxophones. Boy, I was starting to fume. When I spoke of my horn, or even of Selmers, he made a gesture with his hands, saying they (Yamahas, Selmers, etc) are down here, PMauriat is up here. Sure, he’s a salesman, and his English sucks, but he doesn’t have to sound so pompous. It was really cheesy the way his saxes were displayed on stands with plastic wrapping over them.


I went home and tried to find this saxophone online. It’s not even listed on the Mauriat site, but it does appear on the first banner in the news section with the words “Brandished Brass” alternating with a picture of the horn and then “P. Mauriat Galaxy Family”. Here are a couple pictures I genked from the site:



It’s wild looking. So shiny! I’m not even sure I like it; it’s just really distracting, emitting a constant glare, which I was unable to appreciate through the plastic. They must’ve put the grinding cylinder straight to the body.

My internet search coming up nearly empty, I wrote the help at and they said they’ve never seen one like it before! (I’m waiting for their price quote. I’m guessing it’s about 3k less than ajjosshi’s but who knows.) Now I’m torn because I want to try it out and see what the mystery is all about but ajjosshi left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Stupid pride. I think I’ll look around next to see if it’s in anyone else’s store. I don’t know why I even want to try it, curiosity I guess. I’m quite happy with my new sax! Even though it’s down here.

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